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A to Z Exotic Hardwoods is a source for some of the world's rarest and most beautiful timbers including book matched lumber, burls, boules, custom flooring, and exotic veneers. Our specialty stock includes rare mutations of common species, natural edged flitches, salvaged antique lumber, highly figured boards such as birds eye, tiger and quilted maple and much more.

We have many imported species available now a few of which are Aztec Cherry, African Cherry, Bloodwood, Breadnut, Bullet Tree, Caribbean Rosewood, Chicle Macho, Cumara, Checham, Granadillo, Gongalo Alves, Lacewood, Mayan Walnut, Mylady, Nargusta, Paduak, Purple Heart, Red Heart, Sopodilla, Wenge, Ziracote and many other specialties.

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A to Z Exotic Hardwoods is your source for the world's rarest and most beautiful timbers. For our current inventory of Exotic Hardwoods please call us at (215) GOT-WOOD or for our Current Customer Inventory list Click Here.

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Thank you for your interest in A to Z Exotic Hardwood To receive a free color brochure and additional information, simply give us a call or email us Here.

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